Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The YG Ladies!!

Haha, just finish another paper today, herm, what should I say bout the paper??hm, nothing special, the MCQ's tough and MEQ?? still ok kot..But nevermind, that's not the main topic for today..Just figured out what to write since I've heard a new song called "Lollipop" by 2NE1 featuring Big-Bang from YG entertainment!! Surf the net and saw that this song has been in the top of the chart for three weeks in mNet chart!! Haha..Guess I was just lucky when I surfed for Big-Bang songs and found this MV and mp3..So just try and listen to it, and I'm super satisfied!! And the beat of the song just can't make me stop listening to it!! But anyway, who's 2NE1??hmm, they are actually a group that was mold within 3 years by YG Ent. as a "mirror" of Big-Bang but in female feature of course..

Just started off with their single "Lollipop" There are 4 members altogether, consists of CL, 19 y.o as the leader (talented as she can rap, write songs, fluent in English, Japanese and French, and I think she has a good fashion sense just like GD!!)Strong character and that's what I like bout her..
Talented leader+rapper+vocal, Ms CL (Pronounced Ciel, means 'sky' in French)

Next is Ms Sandara Park, 25 y.o., hm, she was previously a famous star while she was in The Philipines, but then pursue her career in Korea with 2NE1, fluently speaks Tagalog with English, hmm, ntg really special though bout her, but she is a very bubbly person and quite shy..
Ex-Philipino celeb, Ms Sandara..

Third, Ms Park Bom, fluently speak English and Japanese, she can also play flute and cello!!! wow, wish I have that talent though..She's unfortuntely is 25 too..From the MV i saw (many times), she can't dance well actually, maybe just at first single, it's just seems that she can barely move her bod. Her role as a the vocal.
Lovely Ms Park Bom..

Lastly, magnae of the group is Ms Gong Min Ji, just 15, talented dancer indeed, she can do some dance just like Tae Yang did..haha..Something special bout this group is the big age gap between them, but nevertheless, before their first debut this May, I'm sure YG Ent. prepared lots of practise for them just like what happened to Big-Bang.
The magnae, Ms Gong Min Ji..

Honestly I was attracted to the MV not only by the song but also the colors used in this MV, so colorful as if your in a candy shop!! 2NE1 ladies hasn't make their official debut yet, which is why their presence is now awaited by thousands of Korean music industry critics..(so do I!!)It is special since there are rumours saying YG Ent will make a unique debut for these lads.. The genre??Randomly Electronica for this song..Love the fast beat+ the rap too!! The clothing's were sooo full of retro feel and so does the background!! Think these ladies are going to be noted in very well in the music industry with their super high killer heels and daring selection of attires with plenty of colors Mr GD and the others look soo cute too!! Below I enclosed the MV if your interested..
2NE1 first debut on May, 2009..

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hmm, why? Congratulations to me because due to my stupidity that I didn't manage to do well for my paper this morning, Basic Pharmacology..Huhu, it's so damn hard indeed, I even nearly fall asleep while doing it..Wake up early at 6am this morning just to glance back and catch-up notes thatI haven't read yet.

At 9am once the exam starts, I nearly passed-out, never thought that the essay question is..ermm, hard..I mean, why on earth that type of question come out? Even the MCQ is not an easy one. what i was so angry about is that I was given pass year question as well, and I didn't even take the initiative to look at it for a while, 5 out of 8 question eventually come out from there! It's scary when you can see other people was writing 2 full page while you were simply bla-ing in your paper..hmm, wonder what's Dr Dasuki's reaction when he saw my paper..T_T

Gosh, life sucks man..Especially when it comes to times like this..It's been a very tough sem to go through, with only 3 down and 5 more to go, and thanks to super hot weather that nearly melt me, I don't have the heart to study..Tired, I think my result will drop..Pls don't!! Hopefully the result won't be too bad..Seems like the journey home is still far far away..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's Friendship All About..

Sometimes when we talk about friends, we think of sweet and bitter memories with them..Not every friendship gives a pleasant feeling, especially when the word "Hurt" present. I'm not pointing to anyone else in particular, but don't u think sometimes we tend to take friendship for granted. We thought that everything will be fine, although the truth wasn't like that. Hard to believe but so damn true. Take me as an example, I cherish every friendship that I have, but beware, if u try to hurt me, I am a person who will keep my grudge forever, easily forgive but never easily forget..Bad huh? Previously there were many incidents that remind how I should love all of my friends, because good friends are hard to find, especially those who understands you and accept you for who you are. I'm not a perfect person, but I want to improve myself even more so that I'll make my friends happy.

What I can see from the friendship with my nursing friends including those from other courses and with my old schoolmates is something called "TOLERATE". We know that different people do have different attitudes right? And some are nice, some are nasty and some are people we called 'backstabbers!!" At first when i went to USM, I thought it was going to be a very pleasant experience, just never thought that when i reach here, the more "things" I see. Guess I've never see much which is why sometimes I was apparently shock!! I ever cried for certain incidents..Some of it were the main reason why I am standing even stronger each day..Thinking what's wrong with me..Why is it when we didnt have the heart to do so, someone out there just want to make us feel restless and unhappy?Honestly I nearly lost my will to continue everything, just feel like want to fly back home..But hell! What's the point in leaving everything just for something small and minor like this? To all those who have hurt me before, hey, thanks alot for making me a fighter, and to those who have always been by my side supporting me, I just can't repay you all for your care and sincerity..Just cherish everyone around you, because you never know when it was too late to say you love them too..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My worst nightmare..

Finally the result for Renal & GI OSPE is out..hmm, didnt get very well, only a B+, what? B+? huh..I was preparing for this early on when i was having the exam, since I didnt finish my procedure (NG feeding) and violated aseptic principle. At 1st I thought that the B+ was at least acceptable, not knowing there was actually something behind it. My lecturer said want to meet me today after exam, and so I did (Mei, the captain said, maybe i have something to discuss with her about the OSPE). Saw that alot of people get A's for their skills (Dont really bother neway, just damn angry some one shouted my result embarrasing..)

Neway, I then headed off to her office, so surprising that somehow she was having a discussion with two strangers.
"Siik Fung, are you coming to see me? (Duh!!)" and I say,
"Yes , Pn, I come to discuss something with you"
"Can you come see me later, I've got some discussion going on"
"Ok, sure"

The discussion lasted for so long and after almost 20 minutes, finally it's my turn to meet her (Thanks to all the disruption going on).
She later asked me what do I think of my OSPE, I said I am satisfied knowing that I at least got B+. Then she showed me something, a paper with grades in it. "Actually, I hesitate to paste this marks in front of the door, because i scared you cant accept the marks given to you, honestly I was shocked myself, do you know where's your mistake and what u think?"

My eyes nearly flooded with tears when i saw the marks..It was so low i can't believe my eyes. Very, very painful indeed. I got the lowest marks in my life. I failed it. My, what have I done wrong? Aseptic technique violated, and although second attempt was done, I think it is not counted in.

It's really sad indeed, she asked me not to cry, not to be sad, coz she believe I can do well in my finals, I hope so. It's hard to catch an A for this subject. the thought of it makes me crazy. No mood to do anything, sleeping the whole day and think back bout my mistakes. Why I kept repeating the same thing again and again? Why? Sick of it..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Untuk Mu, Hyda..

Untuk menghormati permintaan en hyda yang hensem, saya menujukan post hari ini khas untuk dia sahaja..haha, tajuknya, Saya Suka Hyda..

Saya Suka Hyda kerana:

1. Dia baik hati,
2. Dia comei,
3. Dia rajin belajar,
4. Dia pandai buat blog,
5. Dia kuat makan,
6. Dia ada skype,
7. Dia orang yang berterus terang,
8. Dia jujur,
9. Dia ikhlas tolong orang,
10. Dia..Dia..selalu tertidur,
11. Dia nurse yang berkaliber,
12. Dia terror main sukan,
13. Dia slim,
14. Dia orang Penang,
15. Dia AJK JDM,
16. Dia penyayang,
17. Dia banyak kucing,
18. Dia sempoi,
19. Dia seorang yang tetap pendirian,
20. Dia kekal ngan imejnya yang cool,
21. Dia disayangi semua,
22. Dia suka Amy Mastura,
23. Dia akan lakukan apa yang dia rasa betul,
24. Dia tak pernah kata 'taknak' kalo minta tolong,
25. Best USMKK!!(dah kering daa..)
26. Satu lagi, dia pandai taekwando!!hikhik..=P

Sbg membalas dendam kpd Hyda yg telah mendedahkan hal peribadi saya di dlm blognya, saya ingin meneruskan sebab kenapa saya syg hyda..
27. Hyda x cukup tinggi,
28. Dia pn gila (mcm saya),
29. Dia suka gelak, pastu ketawa dia contagious,
30. Walaupn macam ganas, hatinya lembut & sensitif(jiwangs..)

Makashehlah kerana sudi memuji saya yg x berapa pendek & bulat ni, kerana anda lubang idung saya lebih besar dan hampir terapung ke siling..semoga hyda happy selalu & buat yg terbaik untuk exam!!~fighting!~

Hyda we lap u!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Exam Mood..

Haha, dont know why i am laughing, the paper this morning wasn't too wasy either, and I dont even have enough time to finish it..The chapters that i focused so much was actually the hardest one, Salmonella typhi, Mycobacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter..O my, if only i read more!! So geram when i saw the questions, I have read it and yet my head was blank!!LOSER!!

Nevermind, let pass be pass then, at least I've tried my best right? Rather than not trying at all..Hopefully for the next paper I can score well, erm, maybe an A- for O&G?hikhik..(perasan) Please pray for me, hopefully I'm able to do well for my finals..Just now went to kafe to see if there's any tempting food, neh, none attracts me I assume, so gonna eat egg sandwich later for dinner, neways, have a great day ahead!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Study Week's Mood..

13th April, my very first paper will start..finally after few months of struggling with CA’s and the most OPPE’s in my life, it come to this moment. The FINAL exam for this sem. Honestly I think this sem is really a killer for me. With Advanced microbe going first, followed by O&G which has the thickest notes I’ve ever seen. Without any experience in this field, it’s sure is tough. We start early and end as the last session for this semester papers. Nursing course has always been popular as the first course to start their paper and the last to go back home. Hopefully next sem there will be a change, I want to go back early and enjoy. It was very exhausting all this while, as all the papers are tough. None was my favorite either. Hate it. A lot. Below is the schedule for my final exam.

What I hate the most bout this sem is that there are 6 core course, and 3 of them is Biomedic’s subject, its tough, and not easy to score. For Pharmacology I still can tolerate since there is coursework to help us. But for advanced microbe? Hmm, the CA’s are negative marking, the lab report barely got 8/10 (Dr Wan expects a lot) and the finals are all essays!! (She say this sem tukar skema since they want to challenge student’s credibility konon) she might have forgotten from past experience it has always been a subject that pulls pointers down. And I am now nyawa-nyawa ikan nia..Start to feel sick when thinking of it, many possibilities in my mind. It is a very interesting subject I have to admit, but for nursing students, we only need to know the superficials. But nvm, below is my schedule for the finals!!wuhoo!!(gila..)

13/4/09- Advanced Microbe (3hr)

15/4/09- Obstetric &Gynecology nursing (2hr)

20/4/09- Basic Pharmacology (3hr)

22/4/09- Renal and Genitourinary Nursing (2hr)

23/4/09- English LSP402 (2hr)

27/4/09- Cardiovascular & Respiratory Nursing (2hr)

29/4/09- Biostatistics (3hr)

30/4/09- Stress Management (3hr)

Lastly all the best to all those PPSK’s student oh!! Let’s strive till the end!~Fighting~

Muka aku lepas study, coz tak cukup tidoq..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chocolate delight..

This afternoon in a very hot+sweating condition+bored+tension+'belek'ing my O&G notes+listening to W`inds song, suddenly lovely Swee Mang come to my room to divide some chocolates bought during her holidays in Langkawi (Jealous..>.<). Haha, just something i need in a time like this..Heard that they spend quite some $$ to buy chocolates and wine..(Jealous again) but still they say it's a worthed bargain since all the things there were super cheap and u can eat ur heart out!! Everywhere was full of Duty-free shop..After she came, the next Ms Dorayaki come and give me a keychain she bought there..I've picked a shell keychain, which is very nice(suit me yang ganas) sambil complaining bout the hot weather in Langkawi and how it has take a toll on her white complexion..yamgong lo, she look so red!!..In conclusion, I MUST GO FOR A HOLIDAY NEXT TIME!!! Afterall it's worth it when it's a time u spend with ur good friends..Here i enclosed some of the chocs they gave me..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A visit to the istana..Part 2..

Hi! Today i'm going to continue 2nd part of my day to the istana..haha..After we went there, some of us were hungry and dehydrated..(i'm one of, we actually plan to wait for the jamuan session, but it seems like instead of just staying there and got burned by the sun, we decide to went to Kebun Sultan (not Sultan's garden, it's Kelantan's Chinatown) to eat and have some ice kacang instead..hiakhiak..can't wait!! so there was a small ice kacang stall near the road, alot of customers as well besides other stalls that were selling nasi kukus and i've attached some pics that i didn't manage to upload in last blog..

hehe, the yong tau fu i've ordered, quite cheap and nice loh..miss it least better than eating nasi goreng everyday..haha..
This small shop sells beautiful and yummy pau!!including Char siew pau and Lo mai kai!!my fav!! sell popiah and also mankuang..verdict??4stars!(well, for a place like Kelantan, it taste not bad!) One that bring curiosity to us was when the lady wrapped the pau using newspaper and a plastic..we do think it's not hygienic at 1st but then she explained that it is actually to keep the pau warm longer and nice to eat. Macam thermos we enjoyed that day and night and came back at around 8.30pm..tiring but i enjoy it alot..hope can go other place soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A visit to the istana..

Heheh, on 31st March it was the celebration of Kelantan's sultan, Sultan Ismail Petra..I forgot how old is he, but the celebration was sure grand and full of colors!! I was invited by Swee Mang and the gang and we went there with two cars. Well, actually i didnt plan to go at all as we need to wear formal attire, but after she persuaded me only then i went..

Well, i guess i didnt regret that!haha, every year, to celebrate kelantan's sultan birthday they will usually make Kota Bharu come to life at night..With colorful neon lights and also the traffic jam!! Since me and the lads + Gabriel went there at 3.30pm i didnt manage to capture the night view *sad* Still, nevertheless i manage to capture lots of photo's of this sultan's palace, a very beautiful architecture, some of it looks like as if it was plated with gold! When we reach there, there's alot of people waiting for the Sultan to come, some children form primary schools even prepared to do their performance..kesian la, kecil kecil dy kena dera, just to entertain Him..haiz..
Haha, but The Sultan did show his aprreciation by giving away free ice creams and food.

What i like the most bout His birthday??herm, i think it's the 2 days holz that we get..haha..not much and no less..Its ok, that's not the main case anyway..Here i enclosed by some pictures that I've taken..will update in the next session ya..^_^

The pathway to the istana.

Beautiful building..

Oh!!!what's Dora doing there?

Looks classy and serene..

Thats all for today=)