Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just For Fun..^.^

I am currently listening to a song by Jason Mraz "The Beauty In Ugly", very nice..:)

she's so big hearted,
but not so remarkable
just an ordinary humble girl
expecting nothing as we're made to think
its a pretty person's world

but you are beautiful and you better go show it
go look again, you gotta be true to your own
if you really wanna go to the top
do you really wanna win?
don't believe in living normal, just to satisfy demand

well if you wanna get free
and if you wanna do the passionate thing
and if you wanna get smart for the sake of your heart
you should own your name and stand up tall
and get real and see the beauty in ugly

well you are fresh, you're face is fabulous
don't forget you're one of a kind
when nobody is checking the deeds you've done
and nobody is hearing your cries
you make all of the fashion statements
just by dressing up your mind

well if you wanna get free
and if you wanna do the passionate thing
and if you wanna get smart for the sake of your heart
you should own your name and stand up tall
and get real and see the beauty in ugly
and see the beauty in ugly

well if you wanna get free
and if you wanna do the passionate thing
and if you wanna get smart for the sake of your heart and oh
you should own your name and stand up tall
and get real and see the beauty in ugly
see the beauty in a ugly

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just passing by..

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog.

Lazy right?

But still I miss my blog so much and have so much to write unfortunately due to a very packed schedule, I need to slow down for a while..

This is where I write down what I can't actually tell other people..Just like a personal diary.

With so many problems coming, the heart is still hurt and bleeding..

But still first thing comes first, will be going to the Psychiatric Unit tomorrow morning, may be some of the most unforgettable experience I wont forget..

In the afternoon, I'll head off for the surgical Orthopedic ward..more new knowledge to come...

Hope that I'll be grant with lots of courage and pure wisdom for days to come.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yep, talking bout temptation. Starting off this afternoon just would like to share something with all of you. this morning, 10.30am, Suetkee, Yeeleng, Gabriel Nai Ma and me went to the KB PIKOM PC Fair in KB Mall. At first it seems like any other PC Fair, offers and discounts here and there, with new gadgets from a normal mouse to a touch screen PC. But that doesn't matter anyway. So instead of tucking our self in the sea full of people, me and Suetkee went to Popular to look for her senior's farewell presents. Then into the Pacific to hunt for new clothes since it's now Mega Sales Carnival..(WUUUHOOOO!!!) Unfortunately since I'm being really fussy with clothes none of it caught my attention though. fine, save money then. Hikhik..(Kononla:D)

Going back to Guardian (same floor with PC Fair), suddenly I heard a loud call from a very familiar voice..


Apu, what is this lady doing? Oh, it is Yeeleng. Haha. Looking so happy and satisfied I was wondering what makes her smile even more.

" See? I bought a digital camera!! Guess how much is it? RM 399!! Canon brand some more!"

" What? RM399? Are you sure?"

" Ya, and i got a lot of free gift, includes 4GB pen drive, increased memory card 4GB, mini tripod, casing."

" Oh my god, so cheap! Very worth it!"

Suddenly I felt jealous. That greed feeling is coming. Before this greed feeling came, I only have RM40++ with me, since I'm going to Penang tomorrow, so I try to not touch anything. furthermore, I've bought my CNY ticket, it gaves a big hole on my Bank Islam Account, thanks to AirAsia. :( That doesnt include my november tickets yet! Haha. But the camera...It was...So...Cheap...So..Worth It..Huhu..Sad..

Later on, thinking about it, I suddenly remembered. If it is true I have the tendency to buy that thing, do I need it? DO i reeeeaaally need it? Oh, it makes me tired. Why do I have to choose when I know the answer? Hmm, temptation is everywhere. But if I do things according to temptations around me, then I'm going to lose everything even money that I save for the Penang and Ipoh trip! It was really sad not to buy that camera since my family never had one, but first thing comes first. According to neccesity. I'm glad I've made a wise choice. Not only I save money, I don't need to think about how I'm going to spend my whole semester thinking bout money. Nevertheless, Yeeleng was really lucky to get a good bargain. I'm hoping by next semester when I'm financially stable again, I'll get a camera, to capture beautiful moments with my friends and family, perhaps with a new loved one? HikHik..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Poor Girl..

Just looking for something that we can discuss together for those who read this post. 2 days ago I'v read about a girl who was raped by her stepfather in Kelantan. To some of you, rape cases may sound just like any other ordinary crime done by people who lost their level of consciousness and was provoked by devil to do such thing. But this case was somewhat touching. Although I do not know who that girl was, I still feel it was a very heartless crime done by her step father. The incident was like this (based on reports done by Utusan Malaysia 11 August 2009):

The poor lady was persuaded by her step father to go out with him by telling that he will bring her to town. Unfortunately she realised that her step father was heading to other place instead of going to the town, she was brought to the rubber estate, and was immediately being raped by her step father. Not being able to escape, as her step father's animal instinct has taken control, she shout as loud as possible and fortunately some of the villagers nearby heard the shout for help. Panicked as he realised that the villagers are on the way to stop him, he was taking drastic action by splashing acid towards her daughter. Not just that, she was also stabbed. Next? Scared that he will be punished, the step father drank the acid and was pronounced dead when the villagers arrive.

So, the damn father is dead. The daughter? I just can't say. She is now bearing a severe injury due to the acid and wounds. According to the newspaper report, she was immediately brought to HRPZ II. By the time i was reading the article, it doesn't feel too bad, but still I have sympathy for her.

Yesterday, after Sue Yi was back from her posting, she told me something really shocking. "Jie, you know just now there was a rape case in the ward I'm in. She was a very young lady. Pity her." Suddenly i remembered something: " Hey, if I'm not mistaken , I've read about a case just like what you've mentioned, it is the same girl!!" Yes, it's true, it is the same girl moved to our hospital, in Intensive Care Unit. According to Sue Yi, just by looking at her will make you feel so sad and depressed. She was tied to the bed (this maybe due to avoid her from getting out of control), flipping through her folder, with 40% burn injury on her body and eyes and most probably some of the acid also enters her digestive system. Her face was wrapped with bandages, so can't even see her real features. Imagine how this lady will continue her life in the future..

Honestly if it was me, I don't think I can regain back my strength and continue like normal people do. She is so young, there's so much more beautiful things ahead waiting for her to discover. And because of his eager needs for satisfaction, the hope and faith is no longer there. Just imagine being in her shoes has already make me feel sad, what more the person herself. How can a human being turn into a beast and destroying his children's life. He was free forever since he is no longer here, but what about his daughter? His wife and family? Will they be able to handle the society's bad perception? Only time can determine how their next phase of life will be..