Friday, November 13, 2009

Self reflection..(terpostponed punya post)

On the 6th January, my group was posted to 1TB and also NICU (1 Nilam). I never went to these wards before and hence was very excited and flip through notes given. Maybe to some people they don’t really like the sounds of babies crying all over, but to me I really enjoyed it a lot from the beginning. The surrounding was cool and conducive for working; hence it is quite different than medical wards. To be honest I wasn’t prepared to give bath for the babies since the previous group mentioned that there’s no baby bath done. I was so nervous but yet excited too because this is the first time I’m performing it on real babies. Previously I didn’t manage to perform this procedure in 2 Topaz because the staff nurse decides to do it themselves.

The baby that I was handling was very quiet at first and was asleep. Unfortunately when I removed his wrapper, he was crying non-stop maybe due to the cold temperature around him. I have to calm him down and also measure the weight. Then getting prepared for bath, since it is something quite new to me, I do admit that somehow my skills are lack of efficiency. Even the way I’m handling the baby was wrong, luckily Pn. Jayah reminded me about it. I should have done it faster so that he won’t get cold. Amazingly, he stopped crying when I finally prepare to do cord dressing and wrap him up again. I feel quite sorry for the baby because maybe I didn’t really clean him well, hopefully I won’t repeat this mistakes again. Still, when handling a baby, we need to treat them just like our own, so we need to be careful and handle them properly since they can’t express their feelings and can only cry. I learn my lesson today that I should not get panic when doing my work because it’ll lead to chaos. Plan every work well and get prepared.

Next, we need to give spoon feeding. The baby looks very cute when sucking milk and I can’t stop myself from laughing. Seriously I feel blessed being given the chance to do it myself, as I feel closer to him. It’s an experience I can never forget. Halfway through while feeding he fell asleep and so I stopped and luckily he finished it.

We then head off to rest and went to 1 Nilam or NICU. Since the neonates in NICU are of preterm babies or babies with serious disease, proper hand washing needs to be done so that no cross infection to these fragile babies. Besides 2 Delima, ICU and CC, NICU are some of the wards which has the biggest budget for equipments. But there’s something which really attracts my attention, baby Ummar who has a tracheostomy and was abandoned by his mother. Sometimes it keeps me thinking why and how can a mother do that to their children? And reality is never that easy. There are also babies who were placed inside the closed incubator; some only weighs around 1 kg or less. While looking at those small little fingers, I really felt touched by it, as it reminds me of God’s biggest creation.

After the visit to NICU with briefing given Sister Tan Beng Geok, we then head back to the nursery once again. Overall, it is some of the best experience I’ve ever had, and surely will never forget. As this time it is very meaningful and I manage to learn alot.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Sweet Escape..

Just a simple post in order to prevent this blog from freezing and no longer be found..Hmm, honestly despite the bored+cold days of studying, I was surprised to found out someone has actually managed to warm my heart and even taking me for a date..Oops, did I just mentioned a date? Haha, please, I know some of you may have your eyes wide open like ping pong balls or what, but this is not a normal date, it's quite unique indeed..

Previously wasn't feeling very well, since I've received a call from the voice which I have long heard of..It's him..I've been in pain for several months due to the break-up and even swear to myself that I never want to talk to him again, because enough is enough, now, between me and him, there's no longer anything to be thought of. I never want to have anything related to him..

After getting angry for a while, however, later on, someone sms-ed me after he saw my twitter..And he too knows what happened. So me and him was having heart-to-heart conversation for a while that night, and gave me some advice and encouragement too..What I can say was that from having a bad mood that morning, I managed to laugh before I went to sleep..^.^

What's very weird was that the next day he experienced almost the same thing too with his-ex. Some misunderstanding I guess..? And again we sms-ed talking about the "Heart" thingy. And I do agree, this problem is never easy to solve..After several hours, he managed to pull me off for a while and I even accompanied him for dinner later that day (mind you, I was not with him in real life, just SMS). We chat for the whole night and talked bout many things.

The next day, after he finished his two final papers, he invite me to go to Queensbay. How? Haha, nothing is impossible with technology around. Just to make sure I know what he was doing, MMS and SMS were sent to me, it really feels as if I were there! (Never done this before!) What we talked about during the process I just can't tell you here..But overall, it's one of the most wonderful date I've ever gone through..I may not be there, but I really appreciate the effort you've given to make it come true. Thank you so much..That's how I was gone for a sweet escape for 2 days to anywhere but here..

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
by Helen Keller