Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day Tomorrow!!

Huh, thanks to stupid secret agent who has mistakenly giving me a wrong date of Father’s Day which is supposed to be tomorrow. Hm, you know who you are ya my dear. :(

Me and my family has celebrated that special day 1 week earlier, which is last weeks, Like I say, thanks to that secret agent. :( But I really feel sorry for Papa, because I didn’t managed to get any special gift for him on his special day. Firstly, lack of money, secondly, I’m lost in thinking what to buy. Huhu, sorry Papa. I wished my Papa a very happy Father’s day and started to cry when I hugged him thinking about my late grandfather who has just passed away September last year. Sadly I wasn’t able to go back to my hometown Sibu to see him for the last time, as I was still in campus and I have practical too. It was a really big regret not to visit him for the last time since I haven’t seen my grandfather for quite some time.

It’s a sad thing when thinking about the fact that you no longer have a father. Who will be able to protect the family and give you support? A family structure is not complete without them because they are the leader to us. I’m very glad to have a father who is understanding, caring, giving full support in everything I do and giving good advice. He is like a mentor to me. And for that, Papa thank you so much for everything. We all love you so much. Mama, I love you too oh!! Hikhik.. Muaks..

To my dad on his day,
Of whom I am a living will;
May your happiness be fulfilled.
Your kindness, as is just and right.
Deeds are seeds upon the night.
As wind and wonder have their way,
Delivering the destined light.
(A short poem that I’ve read in The Borneo Post, Nature and Health 20th June 2009)


There’s always a surprise..Anytime, everytime, and happens to anyone..
Yesterday I just received a SMS from my cousin, giving bad news about my uncle. He’s the husband of my mother’s cousin.

Previously he can’t swallow food properly due to an obstruction in his esophageal tract. They found out it was actually the seed of the fruit called ‘buah raba’ at which he swallowed few weeks ago. Before that, he can’t even swallow rice and other had food and only has milk or soft diet such as porridge and soup, causing him to become thinner. After going to an ENT specialist, they took out the seed and taking some samples from the tissue found around the seeds incase there’s anything else besides lesion in his esophagus. He and his wife were really delightful not knowing what’s going to happen after that.

The result was out yesterday morning..

It was confirmed that there were cancer cells found. But further check need to be done. And a surgery needs to be done to remove it. Its like a storm after a sunny day..My aunt was crying alone at home, after the lost of her sister also due to throat cancer, to her it was too hard to bear. She was accompanying her late sister all the way through to help her and support her. So she knows how it really feels.

I just don’t get it. Of the entire person in this world, why kind people always become the victim of merciless disease like this? It’s just not fair. Their family is well-known for being kind and never arrives late to give a helping hand to their family members and relatives who were in trouble.

Maybe there is a lesson behind all this, having a disease doesn’t mean it’s the end of life right? I’m hoping this will make their family even stronger, and I believe good deeds will always be repay with good things too. Just hope that Uncle will recover very soon, I’m sure with all the support he have, nothing is impossible. Good Luck my beloved Uncle.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Heartless Scavenger..

That day, when I was sleeping and dreaming about my prince charming (hikhik..), suddenly I heard a very familiar voice..

“It’s really hot nowadays, I’m sweating although staying at home, maybe we should buy an air-conditioner to cool down don’t you think?”

“Better not start that topic, not that my salary is enough to pay for that..”

“Why? What happen?”

“I don’t think I’ll remain as the hotels’ driver anymore..What makes me more disappointed was that even my boss didn’t inform me anything about that.”

Huh? What? I wake up from my sleep and keep on listening to my parent’s conversation.

“So that means your salary will be less than before?”

“Ya, luckily I found out earlier or else I’ll be really mad and went to the office to meet my boss asking what really happened. That’s why we need to wisely spend our money”

My father works as a waiter at Somerset Hotel in Miri. Hm, actually he is a waiter+ cashier + room service+ driver all-in-one. What does that job called then? Weird. My father works according to shift, sometimes early in the morning & sometimes in the afternoon from 3pm till late night. And every night he was responsible to send workers home, from Lambir area up until Senadin area. Imagine being exhausted working during daytime, and sending people home at night. Papa was a really strong fighter.

He was working happily there, but there’s just one thing that is wrong at the hotel. Especially the manager. She was famous for harvesting other people’s hard work directly into her pocket and cruelly only left bits of it for her workers. Previously she flawlessly swallowed worker’s EPF money. In the pay slip, it was stated that the EPF money has enter the KWSP account. Are you sure? Does the money enter the right place? Maybe she can fool certain people, but not my father and his other colleague. But this matter has been left flowing into the drain for long. Same problem happens when it comes to bonuses. If she like you, she’ll give you more, if she hates you..

I just can’t understand what she wants and why she wanted to do that when she has everything, big house, big cars with hundreds of thousand in her account, and a husband who has a stable job. To some of you it may sound too stupid to be true, and it happens! How can she be so unfair to others who dedicated their life to the job only to found out in the end the money doesn’t belong to them?

I remembered a statement that my teacher, Miss Yeoh has given me when I was in form 3.
“This world is never fair, hence, only the strongest people will go through it. So don’t expect the world to pity you, they didn’t owe you anything.”

My father is one those who was able to got through the challenge. And I am very very proud of him. No matter what happen, I want to try my best to improve my family’s condition, from normal to better, then my father can quit his job and enjoy his life with my mama doing something he like. This is my promise.

Just bla-ing..^.^

Tada..The new i Phone by Apple..
Finally there’s some free time for blogging yeah!!hikhik..Have been through very busy week through Gawai in Sibu and also back here in Miri. But nevertheless it was so damn fun since my friends, Suet Kee and Sim Lee from Penang, Dora from Kuching and Swee Mang from Sibu came for a visit to Miri and stayed at my house for a few days..Hehe, pendek kata, nang kecoh la dibuatnya..Haha..Even my mama say she missed them..Will update about the Sarawak trip in my next blog k?

Yesterday just surf the net to see my result for last semester’s final exam..Comments? Erm, ‘ma-ma dei’ gua..Haiz, actually I was quite unhappy with my English subject. Since I expect I got better for it..But it was quite true if I say that the final paper was really tough, the essays essay was beyond my expectation..There’s no link with health science at all! As for core courses such as Microbes and Pharmacology, I passed both the subjects and surprised with the result actually, believe it or not, I memang mati kena tembak dy when I finish those papers..But let bygones be bygones then, think I need to try harder next time..

This morning saw many new inventions in TV2, one of it that actually attracts me was the i Phone 3GS by Apple. Sleek and look damn cute indeed, the touch screen accompanied by the latest 3G technology makes it the fastest and most affordable i Phone in the market. Honestly it impress me..hehe, thought of having one..eeee..