Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contact Lenses..

3 more days to go before I go back to my lovely hometown in Sibu to attend my cousin’s wedding..Honestly I’m not totally prepared for it yet, mentally and physically. I even swore to myself that I want to look fit for the wedding and wear nice dress. Unfortunately my mouth can’t control itself and so do I. Haha, no one to blame actually. Besides that my skin tone has changed to worst due to driving lessons. Uneven skin tone on the arms..God!! How on earth can I wear a sleeveless dress with that!! Urgh!! But nevertheless I spend quite some money for the dress, and skin care products, not to mention bought my very first contact lens set!! Ya, first time in my life. Talking bout lens, just want to share a bit of my experience as a first timer training to use this weird thingy called contact lenses.

Me and my parents went to the International Optical at Mega Hotel, it is where I usually bought my spectacles for its affordable price and good service.

Me: “Good morning miss, I’m here to buy contact lenses.”

Sales girl: “ O, are you a first-time user or you ever use one before?”

Me: “ (Sambil control malu) Erm, ya, I want to try it for the first time”

Sales girl: “ O I see, miss do you mind wait for a while? Because it need some time, we will ask our optician to teach you how to use it ok?”

Me: “ O, ok sure..”

My sis: “ Erm, usually how much will it cost?”

Sales girl: “It is now affordable since there are a lot of brand in the market, such as Acuvue, the saline is also cheap, around RM 20, just up to you either you want it colored or not”

Few minutes later..

Sales girl: “Please come this way ya, we will teach you how to use it”

Eee, scared man..
I met the optician and he assists me in using the contact lenses but for trial I was given a blue contact lens 1st. Honestly, that thing really annoys me, huh.. Thought it was easy, never thought that thing almost make me cried..Haha, quite a pain inserting it in, and you know what? Blue contact lenses just don’t suit Asian’s like me..I look like a mutant instead of a human..Haha..

Several minutes later, I finally managed to insert it in and take it out without a hassle, I was then given some tips on how to clean and use lenses properly. Since it is something concerning the eyes, it is important to clean it in the most sterile way and use normal saline only, not tap water. The lens must also be cleaned with the fingers by rubbing it slowly in one-way direction to prevent from breaking. Wear only 8-10 hours to avoid it from drying. Actually, it must be handled with proper care to reduce the chance of getting infection. I try not to be too dependent on it and take it out only for certain occasions. Hehe, think that’s all for now..Adios!! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

BTN at KBN Bukit Sagu, Kuantan Pahang!!

Me: Huh, so suang lah you all can go home liao..While I have to suffer there during BTN..urgh!!!

Sue Yi: Aiyo, don’t worry la, surely will be very fun, just take it as if you went for a holiday after a tiring finals..

Me: We’ll see how then..

I always have bad impression about BTN, some said it was damn scary, some said it was ok and fun, some say after they went back, all the talk given was full of brainwashing and stuffs about government.. And guess what, I got even a bigger surprise the next day when i arrived at HEP!!

Swee Liang: Hey Gabriel, you know what? I heard somebody said our campsite was changed to KBN Pahang instead of Terengganu..

Gabriel: Wa? Really or not? You hear from who oh? From En Jo they all isit?

Swee Liang: Yala!! They say Terengganu campsite got prob ler..


Well, guess I’m not the only one who got that big surprise, Evelyn and some other girls who will go back on 5th May night was even more surprised and got scared because they might missed their flight if they didn’t come back earlier..

We hopped onto the bus, 80 person altogether, and suddenly a lady from HEP came and said: “ Ok semua, dah cukup ke? Kalau dah cukup kita boleh bertolak sekarang tapi sebelum tu saya nak umumkan sesuatu..Kem kita akan bertukar ke KBN Bukit Sagu Kuantan Pahang ye..Kerana campsite di Setiu ada masalah last minute..Perjalanan akan mengambil masa lebih kurang 6 jam..”

Me: SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!! Dahlah aku ni spesies mabuk darat ngan perjalanan jauh..my, god bless me..
Directly after it was announced and official, I informed my mother just to tell her where I was going.

Huh, thanks BTN for giving me such a ‘good’ first impression. Now I’m thinking of how to decrease my dizziness or else someone will puke inside the bus.

Honestly it doesn’t just take us 6 hours, more than 7 hours to be exact thanks again to the stupid bus driver who was careless and got lost for few times. I thought he was mute, he’s not mute, he’s just stupid because he didn’t even bother to ask. Maybe it’ll kill if he even asked.

Once we arrived at KBN Bukit Sagu, Kuantan Pahang, we were directly mesmerized by the beautiful view of hills and palm trees. Hmm, physically the camp does look ok to me, a bit hot since it was already 4 something, but other than that no problems occurred yet. We were then invited to go to the hall and gathered there to get our key. I was lucky since I got the same room with Evelyn and Wai Keng!! After getting our key, we headed to our room..”God, please don’t let the room be dirty..”

“Woh!! Not bad wor!!!Walao, spacious man!! Love it!!!”

The room were filled with 3 single bed, 3 big cupboard but the main problem was there was only one main switch there. This means we need to take turns to charge handphones and stuffs. Well, that’s not the main problem though, what bout the toilet then? I headed straight to the toilet…

“Hoh!!! Very clean wo!! Somemore got place to wash clothes ler!!Jeng man!!”

“Shit!! Almost time liao..”

Hikhik, ya I should stop dreaming now, it’s time for showdown girl..Wonder what’s the next agenda..

To make it short, the 5-day programme was filled with laughter and damn tiring indeed, waking up as early as 5am just to grab the place to shower in the morning and sleep at 12am. The ceramah was boring but other than that, the LDK, the games and other activity was cool. Overall, we were lucky to be transferred to KBN Bukit Sagu, the view was nice, the water was clean and the accommodation was overall great. Love it!! The thing that left the deepest impression in my mind was the movie “Hati Malaya 1957” which is full of patriotisme, a touching story of how our 1st Prime Minister regain our country’s independence, worth watching although early in the morning. (6am..)

What I like the most is after we finish all the ceramah and stuffs, me and my 2 other temporary roommates able to communicate with each other and have some girl’s talk too..Besides having some Mamee keropok and even talk about a cute Malay abang in Evelyn’s group..haha..Can’t tell you who, but that guy sure looks cool and full of charisma..Just that Evelyn was lucky to be able to hold his hands while going for Kembara..T_T The last day we were laughing till 3am without closing the lamp just like instructed by the jurulatih..huahahah..suang..For a while it feels really good going out of USM…

Somewhere around Terengganu..

This is the hall where we were having our LDK.

The hall where the ceramah was held..

This kumbang ho, nearly make me pitam everyday, it was so huge and even fly here and there go langgar the windows at night and in the morning it will be found laying down on the floor everywhere..euw..

The beautiful view in the morning..

Boy's hostel oh..hikhik..
My part-time roomates..