Friday, September 25, 2009

Ipoh Mali!! (Part 2)

Ok, the Lost World journey hasn't ended yet, the place are just so beautiful and mesmerizing, getting closer to nature and also our friendships. I just found out that Adeline was actually a person who is soo adorable and Swee Mang always try to resist from laughing at her..Haha..Some more Adeline has a very bad phobia with snake..:p Indeed I gain alot from this trip. what I liked the most is the water slide. O god, I was shouting like hell even before I went down the slides. Haha, I guess everyone in the place could hear me!! It's because I'm phobia of heights, I just dont know why, even while going to the caves, I dont dare to climb the stairs and need to hold on the pole before managed to make a step up! (it gives a chill as if I'm going to fall down!)

Oh, so, it's you who cause the peacock to runaway from us ha..
These beautiful birds are cute! Small and petite.

Mbeeehhheeeekk, according to Adeline..:D
Aiggoo, cute rabbit that just wont move from your palm..

Spring Hair, this lil fella has a head of a rabbit, a body of a kangaroo, first time on display, no wonder it is so shy..:)

So, we enjoyed playing in the Lost World from 10.00am till 6.00pm.Haha, doing the opening and closing ceremony at once! After we finshed shower, suddenly SueYi's grandma paging for us to come back for dinner..haha..Let's head off for dinner ladies! Upon arrival I finally met grandma, she was so cute and funny, not to mention her excellent cooking skills! I love her Bak Kut Teh! (drooling...)

Sambil makan makan I asked: "Mama, did you wait for us for a long time?Sorry oh, we enjoyed till forget the time" (suppose we will arrive at 5pm, unfortunately, we didn't realise the time flies so fast, it's already 6.00pm! paiseh)

"Oh, no la, not long, neh Sue Yi lo, suddenly say at 5pm ma, then so late come.."Mama and her famous Bak Kut Teh..

Aigooo, lama juak Mama tunggu oh..:p then we continue makan..What a great dinner, feels just like home! She also bought a packet of Julie's cheese biscuits for everyone. Haha, so cute la Mama..And later theat night we went to Jusco for some shopping, sadly I didn't find any clothes that matches..herm, nevermind, save money lady, save money..:p

The next day@21.09.09, we went to the Sam Poh Tong, Nam Thean Tong, and Kuan Yin Tong. Honestly I like Kuan Yin Tong the most due to it's beautiful view from the top, it feels so relaxing(although I admit still having problem climbing the stairs..sweating*.*) Alot of Buddhism element in every caves with the cravings and also statue, feels like in China.^.^ After the session of sun-burning, we went to buy some Heong Pneah. It was already 4pm so we stopped our caves journey and head off to have some dinner(at 4pm?haha). Where else? The ever famous Lou Wong Nga Choy Kai la!! yuhhuu, here I come!
Japanese Element found in Kuan Yin Tong..

It's the very first time I saw a restaurant with so many customers that you need to stand besides other people's table to get a seat. Fortunately we found an empty table immediately we arrive, just got lucky again..ngee..The steamed chicken was so soft and tender..Awww...(Flying to the sky dy..) Not having enough, we then walk to the Tau Fu Fah shop, heard they say it was very smooth and selling like hot cakes. Sadly, when we arrive, the workers there are just starting to pack their things.

Yeeleng: "Still got Tau Fu Fah ma?"

Uncle: "Sorry lenglui, finish dy lo..You all came late"

Yeeleng: "But we are from Sarawak wo! Far away to try ur famous Tau Fu Fah!"

Uncle: "Aiyo amoi a, if still got business you think I don't want meh, really don't have liao ma.."

Yeeleng: "Eeee, ngo you tau fu fah a!"

Hahaha..Pandai ah you, guna Sarawak punya nama to trick him ar..No luck, next time please come again..:p

Not giving up, we walked again to the Aun Kheng Lim's for Yim Kok Kai, salted chicken with an oil-paper wrapped around it and cooked from morning till midnight, so the salty taste is locked inside the chicken..Again, no more Yim Kok Kai left..Haiz..This time we throw Yeeleng in again, hopefully the trick will work out.

Yeeleng: "Please la, you still got any stock ma?this girls came far away from Sarawak eh to try Yim Kok Kai, can la..?"

That guy was thinking for a second, when he suddenly said: "Hm, Sarawak a? Ok la, hold on please."

Yabedabedu!!Pure joy..Haha..This time luck is on our side. Will have great supper later on.:p

Successfully having the Yim Kok Kai in our hands, we happily walked back to the car and go shopping at Ipoh Parade. (Instead of getting new clothes I bought some mooncakes for my family :p miss them so much..) Ok ladies, time to go back home ya..

Arrive at home around 8pm, we're waiting for SueYi's friend, Ah Soo aka Mama San to come and fetch us, heard about her before from Sue Yi coz she always called her Maggie Mee, not sure why though. At 9.30pm she came to fetch us. Very cute person indeed and likes to laugh alot! Haha, enjoyed being with her lo, our target that night is to have some dessert as supper at Ipoh town at Tong Sui Gai..But there were too many people around, the waiter there didn't even notice us although we have reminded them to come and take order. Ish..So we decide to leave instead.:(

In the car, Agua Adeline, Tiger Mang, Mama San and Fish SueYi was laughing like hell while I fell asleep..So lame, maybe too tired kot. However after taking bath, I feel refreshed, so guilty towards Mama San, haiz, paiseh mor..Then time for supper, Yim Kok Kai! Haha, honestly it was okok, the small size really stop my appetite.:( RM16 and yet the chicken was only slightly larger than my palm. Stopped half way, I then went to brush my teeth and take my essential sleep till 8am the next morning..

@22.09.09, starting off with Dim Sum, lovely..very full and expensive indeed..:( But what matters most is the taste right?
Later on we went to Kek Lok Tong and Shui Jing Tong. Never thought Kek Lok Tong was so huge and beautiful! Enetering the caves, there's a sudden breeze brushing through my neck..Calming indeed..Sue Yi mentioned that usually when there's a big function her family will come to have dinner with other members of volunteers here. Walking into the cave there's another end with a big recreation park at the back of it, accompanied with lots of monkeys hanging from trees. With it's green background, a man made lake in the middle, really magnificent God's creation.

Then we went to Shui Jing Tong, said to have crystals in it. RM4 per person for entrance fee, hm, not really worth it actually. The crystals are only on certain parts and we are not allowed to take photo's since it may damage the crystals structure and stop it's production. There's a very unique stroy bout this cave however, because it was actually found by a man that has dig this cave on his own for about 14 years! Only then he found out the cave has genuine crystals and his stories even came out on papers. But he is getting old hence he decide to stop his work and retire, I really keen on meeting him, but not sure where he is. :)

Ok, so next up, we went to Kellie's Castle, said to be a haunted one. They say some people claims that Mr Smith's soul and his daughter, Helen can be seen wondering around the corridor of the house. eerrriieeee..*.* I'm amazed with the house's structure, it has alot of spinal stairs, with wine room, a bar, huge dining room, and lots of rooms in it, not to forget the 3 secret passages for escape in case of emergency. Going to the top floor really makes me dizzy, so many small steps of stairs. And there's even a space to land a helicopter too! I wonder if Mr Smith still lives till today, it would have been a very beautiful mansion..

Later on, after going around the mansion, we went back to Ipoh Town, for the big revenge of Tau Fu Fah! Since it was slightly raining, we enjoyed the sweet revenge inside the car..Then went to Ipoh Parade again for some shopping! Since we have a date with Mama San again that night, I promised myself not to fall asleep, take a cool bath and some power nap..hee..

At 9.30pm, she came and this time our target is to see Agua!! And have some snow beer too! Wuhhoo!! What can be more better than this? Hehe..As usual, we laugh like hell and almost explode the car! Ngahaha..Went around Ipoh Town to see it's night view and going to small streets where we can see Agua aka Gifted Woman with Ovary Hanging outside according to Mama San!going round and round does make me feel dizzy, but can't wait to try the Snow Beer! As soon as we landed, Mama San ordered a big bottle of Carlsberg Beer. What's different with Snow Beer is just the amount of bubbles it has, due to different technique of refrigerating. The Carlsberg taste is still there..Feel abit warm inside, just nice.:p

Planning on going to Perak Tong and also Gunung Lang. Perak Tong is also quite unique with its windy condition inside the caves, and we need to climb high up to see the view of Ipoh and the phobia is still there..*.* but the ladies proceed and I just stay here..It makes me realize how beautiful God's creation can be..We always fought in a battle to improve our lives by working to death but never take a time to just sit back, relax and appreciate God' nature..
20 minutes later, they're back..And they looked so exhausted! Haha, according to Adeline: "If you didnt climb the stairs, you will regret it, but after you climb the stairs, it was WHOOOOAAAAA!!, so high and tiring.."

Bluekk, luckily I didn't went up, you won't be able to carry me from there going down..Haha..:D
So later that day, we went to Gunung Lang, just some brief photo taking sessions and we're done. We go back earlier to pack our things and have our last dinner there..T.T sad..but before leaving let's take some photo, shall we?^.^

Hopo's Lei Cha!!

What's the point going to Ipoh without limau bali?^.^
Curry Chicken Bread, my fav!!
This kuih is so round that it makes me feel I was lookin at myself..
Sorry for the food advertisement, ok, we'll take some pics k?ngee..
Thanks uncle, aunty, dai lou and especially Sue Yi and Yee Leng who has made this trip a very great one!!Domo arigatou!!

"Life is full of beauty. Notice it, Notice the bumblee bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.." by Ashley Smith.

Ipoh Mali...!!

Haha, ya I know the title sounds sooo lame, and hell, I don't even care! I just love being in Ipoh, everything about it, the people, the food, the caves, the road, the night market and of course, Cantonese language!! (managed to fully utilize my skills there~)

Me, Sue Yi, Swee Mang, Adeline and Feh Poh Leng Leng head off to Ipoh on 18th night but before that, we had our dinner at Kebun Sultan and have some yummy desserts at Up 2 U. Thanks to Weng Kin@ Wolfie for being a great driver ya:)

At 9.30pm the bus arrives, herm not very punctual but ya who cares, as long as we reached Ipoh! Ngahahaa..Riding on the bus, there was one guy who was acting very weird, wearing kopiah, baju melayu and kain sarung, looking very religious indeed, asking for donation. I don't really trust those who ask for donations in the middle of a busy raya season like this, it may just be a prank for his own needs. Ignoring what he said, the girls and also Voon Lip who was sitting near to each other got the shock of their life when he suddenly points to Sue Yi and Voon Lip, speaking in Mandarin, he says: "If any of your things got lost in the middle of the road I won't be responsible for it."

Aiks?Aiks? What? What he said?
Ngai di, just because we didn't give any donation, he said bad things like that to us? As if he was cursing us since we didn't do what he wants. Bluek, geram! Then he leaves. Hey, that's why it is called donation, we have the rights not to do so, afterall, we doubted if his pure or not..:p

Leave him there, back to my story, due to traffic jam, the journey goes quite slow and we only arrive in Ipoh around 4.00am. Going down from the bus I finally met Sue Yi's papa, hehe Uncle Lai. He looks skinnier than in the picture, maybe he has been working very hard lately, and Sue Yi's brother, Mr Jun Ann@ Dai Lou helps to carry our bags, thanks! As for Yeeleng, she stops at Medan Gopeng.

Soon after we arrive at Sue Yi's house, it is a double storey house with 4 rooms, and we sleep in Sue Yi's room, washing our face and land our self on the bed..ZZZZ..4 sleeping beauty hav their nap till 8am. Haha, pure joy.

So next we head off to a coffee shop where her mother works, and have some lovely breakfast, such as roti tisu and planta, Hakka Mee, Fried Kuehtiaw, Dai Lok Mee, and Fried Yee Mee, not to forget dried meat bread! I even ordered a cup of cappucino coffee. Just lovely..:) After the heavy breakfast we're having, our next journey is to the Lost World of Tambun in Sunway City. Having lots of fun there! We are lucky since the Petting Zoo has officially opened to public on the same day. We have our hand bands after paying for the ticket, RM30 *.* (expensive huh? but the fee has include the Petting Zoo visit as well, so its worth it!), change our clothes and getting ready to jump into the water..Yihhaaa!!! Luckily the weather was not too sunny, in fact it was raining for a while. Soon after the water session, we're going to the Tiger Valley to watch the feeding session. O god, the tigers are so huge, it weighs 7 times heavier than me! We're so lucky that we even managed to see the fights between 2 youngest tigers. (Cat fight for food, since the other tiger didn't get enough) Unfortunately on of them got hurt, heard the instructor say they may need to stitch it since the wound is quite huge. Hmm..

Then we walked bare foot to the Petting Zoo, aww, the animals are sooo cute and adorable, except for the reptiles..(euw..I hate snakes mor...) Managed to take some photos in there with the birds, rabbits even a small fish I caught, what matters most, it makes me forget all the problems for a while and getting close to nature, I wished the journey just never end..

Will continue in the next blog later tonight, need a break to do something else..dang, I hate assignments..:(
Red bean + Rice ball dessert at Up 2 Uwow, Hakka and special appearances by Mr Roti tisu..:p
Waiting for the Tiger feeding session..ngee..

Exciting fights between the giants..Euw, the water is cold, cold..Wish the water could wash away all the pain..
Yihhaaa, nampak ni?nampak ni?aku dapat ikan!!ngahaha..(dengan eksennya)

Chickie chickeeeenn..hee..:p

Adeline almost break this monkey's arm when she kept spinning it around..:D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hehe, Annmei have just taken some photos this afternoon while waiting for the practice session to start. This is what we've called, BORING!! (Don't take it too seriously, we're doing this just for fun..)
Me: "Ohhh, I'm getting dizzy after donating blood yesterday, almost collapsed in the ward, now we're having practices for OSPE..+_+
Sueyi: "Neh, that person lo, suka suka nia say wana do OSPE, huh!"
Me: "Did you see what I see?"
Sue Yi: " Come shower us with the flashlights please!"
This lady very funny lo, my junior taking nutrition, she was actually on her way for lecture and going late but we asked her to stop by for some photo-shoot session. Haha.
Aiya, still take photo?Hahaha..I love this pic, thanks Mei.:)

Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown

Giving hopes, saving lives..

It's not a very busy day, with class starting from 8am-9.30am, almost 5 hours of gap in between before the next class at 5-6.30pm. Sounds very relaxed but actually not! After going back from my English class, I immediately went back to my hostel, accompanied by my hungry stomach, have some good bath and dinner and distributing leaflets to my block's student in block B. Huh, then I head off to DU for Mega Blood donation held by HUSM. Herm, I've joined it during my first year, but I've chosen to escape the second year due to some incident.T_T (Nevertheless, I've won Pensonic toaster from lucky draw! Ngahaha..)

And last night, after I've gathered all my strength, I try to donate blood for the second ti
me, this time calming myself and hopefully no error is done. Luckily after waiting for a while, I managed to donate 450cc of blood. Feel very satisfied indeed! Hm, as usual, lucky draw session was held after the blood donation, and guess what? I'm not going back empty handed! Haha, won a hamper instead! But my friend and batchmate, Annmei has won even a bigger price! A table fan! (Full of jealousy)

But whatever it is, whether I get a hamper or a table fan, the conclusion is that never hesitate to do something good in order to save more lives. I've always wanted to be an organ donor too, but due to certain factor, I may need to let it go. You'll never know how much someone out there is so in need of blood to save their lives,
and your decision may be the pen that'll write their future..The criminal who have stolen the fan away from me!! haha...
The other criminal who have stolen the hamper.^_^
The blood bag..
Take a closer look, whose blood is this?
The owner. Haha, ok, so my blood type may not be as popular as the O and AB type, but what matters is the intention to help right?:)
This handsome guy came out of no where, only realised he was at the back of me when I saw this photo!
This guy can't accept the fact he didn't get any lucky draw prizes, so to make him happy, I've entertained him for a while:p
Oh, and again, this time with Annmei's fan.:)
Not satisfied, I took another pic, this time, yours truly.:p

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day I'll never forget..

In one's life there's surely some moments at which we've locked inside in our minds forever..

Yesterday was a really tiring day, waking up early in the morning at 5.30am, getting prepared for my clinical posting at ophthalmology ward, and of course the ward was famous for the lecturer involved, from all of my course mates experience entering that ward, it was never a pleasant experience. The lecturer was strict and she likes to ask nonsense!! Some of us were even being labeled as class E or G students, and being accused for not bringing along our brain during posting. Oh, whatever. All the complaints that I've heard has somehow make me immune to it. In my mind, I don't even give a damn if she want to scold me stupid or anything. Let her out, maybe that's her therapy in releasing tension.

So, with a relaxed mind and slightly prepared (it was so exhausting the day before and with tonnes of assignments waiting, I just studied important component.) Me and my other group members head off to the ward. As soon as she came in, all of my group members was shocked since she came in earlier than we thought. The rest? herm..We got scolded as 'bengong' bla bla..But I'm cool, to me 'bengong' is still considerable. The clock is ticking slowly, but I just want to go through that ward and preparing for my afternoon posting. Yes, it's 12.30pm!! and I'm free..Phew, luckily I don't get hurt emotionally or else I can't proceed to the next ward..

After having lunch, I went to the neurology ICU ward at 2pm until 4pm. As usual, I do have the feeling of performing some procedures, but unfortunately due to inferiority and feeling insecure, I decide not to touch anything. So we have bedside teaching by the staff nurses in-charge. approximately 3.30pm, the ward suddenly went chaos when an 8-month old baby was having nose-bleed and his blood pressure went so low they immediately call for the doctor. I'm not very clear about the real situation but as soon as I saw something wrong, I went in to see what's happening. All I can see was the doctors were trying to rescucitate the baby and a nurse provides oxygen through bagging. The mother was standing aside and crying.

What's happening? Why everyone suddenly gone chaos because of this baby? Is the baby going to be ok? Will he recover again? Suddenly one of my friend informed me that the baby has sepsis which is the blood stream infection. They've realised something wrong when they found out his hands were cold andthe lips went blue. But before that the baby suffered from many other chronic illness such as meningitis and hydrocephalus. His folder was so thick, I assumed that he must have been in the hospital for quite a long time. Still not wanting to give up yet the doctors tries to recovers the baby's heart beat and blood pressure to normal. I was trying to comfort the mother but didn't even realised that I was also worried and anxious about the baby. At 4pm, everyone was leaving except for me and one of my good friend. Looking at each other without saying a word, we choose to stay for a little while. The ventilator machine was not showing any progress either..

15 minutes later, one of the doctors stopped the rescucitation. Shaking his head and after discussing, they decide to let the baby go..Walking towards the poor mother:" I'm sorry madam, but this is all we can do, we've tried our best, maybe you would like to have your last word with your son.."

Unable to control her feelings, she cried out loud..Calling and asking for her son not to leave her. All of sudden tears came rolling down my cheek..I'm not sure why..Maybe I was too tired? And maybe I really don't want that baby to go..I never knew his mother or the baby himself, and yet why I was crying? Somehow I was trying to put myself in her shoes..Just imagine the relationship between the mother and son..He was only 8 months old, but I can feel that their relationship was so strong..She has been accompanying him all the time when he was in the hospital, from the moment she gave birth to him, taking care of him, feeding him, see him smiling and crying and watching every progress..There's alot of memories they share together..Now that she lost him, she knew she'll never see him again.

I can't bear to watch her say goodbye to the baby, and I try to calm myself from being emotional, heading off to wash my hand and saying good bye to the staff nurses in-charge. As soon as I came out from the ward, I cried again..It makes me feel depressed, that I can't do anything for him..Even till today, the calm innocent face that was lying cold on the bed, is still fresh in my mind..Death is normal in everyday life, each start will come to an end, as nothing lasts forever and eternity..But as for me, I'll never forget this moment for the rest of my life..