Thursday, July 30, 2009

W-inds 26th single-Hybrid Dream!!

Yipee!! I just got the songs from W-inds latest single "Hybrid Dream" from Sim Lee.Haha, luckily I went to her room to pass the Researh Methodology book just now. And before that I left my clothes at the toilet for a while and started listening to the songs alone in my room. Wow, love it so much!! I was previously introduced to this group last year and one of the songs that really attracts me was "MESSAGE" during their '07 concert. The MV was so beautiful at which three of the members Ryohei (leader), Keita and Ryuichi sits together on a dark red sofa, slowly emerging on the center stage, so beautiful indeed. And their feeling while singing the song is so real I can eventually feel as if i were there..

Listening to the song Upside Down, I feel so guilty as it's been a long time since the last time I 've listened to their songs and watching MV's. For this single, the verdict is A+. Haha, to me not only their song has shown some new element in it, including the song "Rain Is Falling" feat G-Dragon (Big Bang) that has this techno and electric feeling. Got me shakin my head and want to dance with the beat! Obviously they have grown up and experiencing new things in order to sustain their standard in Japan's music industry.

As for the song "Hybrid Dream", it gives me a very smooth and calm feeling, according to Sim Lee they even sang th song without breaking down the chain and singing it continuosly. Love this song too! Hm, she is a very good observer and I didnt realise that till she told me. If you think of listening to a song that's not too heavy then this is suitable for you. Next, specially recommended by Sim Lee " Upside Down" (like her also la..haha) The song is quite catchy and it's the first time they sang a song with this rhythm. It was a mixture of everything! What's important is that I can heard Ryuichi's and Ryohei's voice clearly!! Think if I listen to it for a few more times I may catch the lyrics together. And Keita's voice is really good in this song.Ah, again I'm in love with him.*Wink*

Lastly, "You Are.." , hm, not bad but not my most favorite. But still for the first single it is not bad. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the Seventh Avenue concert CD to arrive! There's always soemthing special installed in their concert which is why the tickets to their concert are at high prices and hard to get. Waa..Thanks Sim Lee for making my day so meaningful, hopefully the Cd will arrive soon ya??hikhik..(Parasitism)The adorable Mr Keita..cute smile don't you think?? Haiz, I swear if I see him live I may passed out..
Mr Ryuichi..
The leader Mr Ryohei..hikhik..

Everyday is W-inds day..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another day..

Feel really down today, somehow felt I've failed to accomplished my mission for today, supposed to have made it a really meaningful day..And so in order to make myself feel guilty i went to wash my clothes, it was like a stress therapy at which I can do some activities and make some reflection on myself to correct my mistakes and do better in the future..

My roommate is not in too, so no one to talk to, i understand she also has tasks to do. Well, everyone gotta do what they must do right? I just chat with Mei Ee just now checking on what she's doing now, since they currently living outside, so it must be tough going here and there especially when there will be on-calls going on for the 4th year. Nevertheless i hope Mei Ee and her friends will be able to fight for their rights as student and stayed in hostel because it's a must and we paid for that!!

Neway, tomorrow evening Yee Leng
has rent a car for us to go shopping in Tesco, this time i want to make sure i catch all the things i needed and not what others needed. Time to fulfill self-satisfaction..Can't wait! :)
It's up to you to choose, whether you want a great day or a bad day..:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Tension Is Just In The Air..

It's been a quite relaxing week for the nursing students actually, well, that's what written in the timetable, unfortunately things just don't go smoothly just like planned, there's always more and more surprises to come!!

This week we are introduced to several courses which is quite new to us, and also more assignments and seminars!! Hm, less paperwork doesn't mean the burden got is less. This semester I am taking 9 courses, including 2 new electives which are the communication and self development followed by Arab language.Ya, Arab language, i know it sounds awkward but at least it is much better than ekosistem akuatik or tropikal than has nothing to do with nursing. My aim this year is to learn new things as much as I can. Sounds stupid but true, I also want to improve my relationship with others and gain more friends instead of enemy. I'm sick of having enemy since it's giving me a hard time going through every semester.

This semester 3rd year nursing student is no exception from meeting the lovely Miss Supa. I do hear from some of my seniors that she is a strict lecturer and has high expectations on us. Meeting her for the very first time nearly scares the hell out of me!! Haha, idiotic indeed. Today we were given the chance to experience ourselves what it feels like to be working in 2 Delima, a HDU neurology unit in HUSM. Taking the first time into that place it was full of serenity, not because it was heaven, it was like a silent battle field for comatose patient. Only the sounds of ventilators and respiratory aid can be heard. Freaking out with what i saw, it's not an easy task and ratio of 1 nurse to 1 patient is used to maintain quality health care. And meeting a really friendly nurse, Pn Zaidah has been able to cool down the tense besides giving tips on how to survive in the ward.

Honestly it make me think the importance of putting myself in theirs shoes since these patient is unconscious and unable to make decision themselves. Nurse's role is very important in sustaining sterility and calmness. Suddenly it make me feel really proud of myself for choosing this profession. I don't give a damn what other's thinking about nurses, to me it is a really noble job, besides applying a lot of skills together all in one such as communicating and being empathic.

After finish that session of visit we went back to do some discussion on what we feel, some said they were scared and some say they never expect the ward to be that way. Having talking heart-to-heart, Miss Supa certainly want to know deep down about us..there's whole lot more to say but i'm just not that prepared yet, but when i enter that ward again next time, i expect myself to be more self-disciplined and courageous..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy birthday, Sis!!

On 23rd of July 2009, my family a birthday party for my sis, actually the party is also to celebrate my sister’s entry to a nursing college under SPA at Sibu. Mama invited a lot of people to come including my cousins and also my mama’s friends. The night before that, me, mama and sis went to Imperial Mall to buy some food to be prepared for the next day, bought some potatoes, sausages, snacks and soft-drinks too. Just a simple birthday party.

Hehe, the next morning, mama starts off by cooking chicken curry. And in the afternoon, she cooked sausages, baby kailan with oyster sauce, and cangkuk manis with eggs. But the tough one was cooking fried mee, all together 4 kilo’s added with fishballs, prawn meat, squid, vegetables such as bean sprouts and pak choy. Yummy..Just can’t wait. My hungry stomach is screaming for help. Haha.

The party was supposed to start at 7pm, but since we’re waiting for her boyfriend to arrive the party only started at 8pm. After singing birthday song for her, Daniel (her boyfriend) read some prayers for my sister. Next? Makan time!!

Below are some of the pictures taken that day.

Anyway to my beloved sister, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you’ll get everything you dreamed of, be good and all the best in your future undertakings. It’s good that she got her study offer in Sibu, then mama won’t worry too much about her. Hehe.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Death Of A Legend..

Saw a message in Facebook written by my cousin Steve, “The King of Pop dies at 50, no more Moonwalk.” Honestly the first thing that I do after opening my webpage was going to Facebook first. Curious whether the news was true or not, I surf Wow, the page was full of MJ’s pic from the moment he joined Jackson 5 till his death.

To some people, this guy is known as an eccentric. After the success of the album “Thriller” in 1982, he’s popularity soared to the sky. With 50 million copies sold worldwide, he proves that skin color is nothing. He breaks the boundaries between white and black. To some of those who speculate more about his personal life, I think it’s just unfair to judge him just because he chose not to expose his life to the public. What is their right to interfere with his life? I never knew this guy, I never met him, but I can feel he didn’t live a life he enjoys. He choose to be with children and his long time mate Bubbles, a chimpanzee.

If some of you read about his childhood life, it was painful and he didn’t get a chance to enjoy a life a normal kid does. Which is why he built Neverland Ranch. The painful time he went through has made him a person who is introverted. He was married, blessed with 3 children, Prince Michael I & II and Paris. To some of the readers of this blog, do you think he’s happy? Showered with mountains of money and spotlights of fame, it only fulfills his physical need, ignoring his own feel.

And he never wished to die that early, I’ve watched a documentary about him few years ago which was taken in Neverland, he said he want to search for immortality. And even if he dies, he wants his body to be preserved and believes there will be time when he will wake up again and live forever. To lose a legend like him, considered a ‘natural heir of Elvis’ is unbearable to the music industry. I’ve read several articles this morning; he passed a way due to ‘cardiac arrest’ and was no longer breathing when he was still at home. It is a very ironic ending to the long trailed tragedy of this legend, when he was going to start his last world tour long awaited by his fans.

Saw another news tonight that he will be buried tomorrow, I just can't accept why it even until the moment of his death it is still being sensationalized.

For some people, it is just another end of a fairytale story, another end of a song, another end of a an epilogue..What do you think? RIP Michael.