Monday, March 30, 2009

Nursing senior's last gathering!!

4 years, yes 4 years, after 4 years of struggling with endless clinical attachments and thesis preparation, they will finally step out of USM and enter the new world..JOB! hehe, anyway, I honestly feel very proud with all these seniors, Shirley, Yu Lan, Won Sze, Shiaw Yun and Fang Fang who have made it so far till’s not an easy task..believe me, although I’m just in second year I’ve thought I went through a lot, but it can’t be compared to them, some even claim they have sleepless night doing thesis, SCARY!

But they are still going strong, it’s a spirit we all should have. During this gathering we manage to communicate a while with them and ask how their lives going on..besides that, we’re having very super hot steamboat (Tomyam), eat till I was sweating. To make it even special we gathered ina dim light condition to actually support Earth Hour..haha, not all lights were closed but to avoid anybody getting lost, we open certain part of lighs.haha..Actually, I wish I could have went and approach these seniors earlier only then we will know what to prepare for during 4th year besides tough assignments too.. 喔, forgot to mention we also do surprise birthday party for Stephanie.hehe, tak sempat grab the cake, but it sure looks tempting..

Anyway, last but not least want to wish the entire 4th year senior all the best, May God accompanied you all the way through the nursing profession and improving nursing’s status..kambate and all the best!!加油!

Thought the previous pot is huge?this is even bigger!!haha..

Stephanie the birthday girl!

We are hungry!!haha..
Yummy and tempting indeed!!

These three seniors berebut wana open their present made by 3rd year seniors!!nice!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hmm, going for a jog this morning..really enjoy it coz got a lot of friends going to!haha, so sambil joging sambil make fun of others..(that's what we do best..LOL) sometimes really wish can go for a jog three times a week, but due to my packed schedule, and that I am somewhat rather..erm, lazy, so this wish has been abandoned..Still remember a promise made to myself, i want to keep fit!!haiz, but after a several weeks, didnt manage to accomplish a thing! not only I start to binge, I didnt went for any exercise and just sitting in front of the laptop..yawning..bad, bad..but hopefully after today, can at least went for a jog once or twice a week, just to stay healthy and stay in shape..that's all for now..^.^

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1st attempt!

Ah!!at last can have my own blogger BLOG liao!!officially launched!!haha, well, wana start a new blog coz sumhow FS limited ma, so cannot download any vids or songs..but nvm, hopefully you all will like this blog of mine..will try to rajin and update..LOL..