Friday, March 11, 2011

The Encounter with World's Most Innocent Objects.:D

For the past 6 weeks, I've been going through a hell of time with the deadline for research coming near together with the very boring O&G posting and exhilarating Neonate & Paeds. ( For once, I do think O&G is definitely not my field.) It was so stressful that I can barely breathe, even my brain wasn't functioning well.:D

However that's not the main point, thesis has been submitted and now I need to focus on presentation next week. Still, I do have sometime to sit back and relax. Alot of movies and drama's to catch up as well~!:p

Since it's been long that I've never updated my blog, hereby I attach some photo's of babies which captured my heart!

First, in Labour Room.
Cute round object #1, is the earliest baby born that morning when morning shifts started. She's really one cool girl~!

Ah, I've told you no photos~! (I guess I woke her up coz of this.)

Blek~!:D sooooo adorable don't you think?

Cute object #2: Found @ Special Care Nursery. Name: Siti Ayuni. She's one of those that attracts me with her bluntness. Definitely looks blur, and only cries when she wants hug or milk.

Man, she always give me this look. Not really responding to what I say.T_T

She may look normal to some of you, 3 months old, small and fragile. Her mother is a cervical cancer survivor, diagnosed when she was 4 months pregnant to Ayuni. Despite knowing the fact that she's pregnant, doctors advised her mother to proceed with chemotherapy. Months later, Ayuni was born, BUT, with massive complications. Which is why she still can't do some things normally done by a 3-month old child. That blank stare. If only I can take her home with me.

Ann Mei and her baby gemuk, serious, if he cries, the whole ward heard him.*_*

Can you see her eyes? It's getting teary. Heee...(No photos of me since I look like a mess from tsunami or something.)

Haha, she's sleepy, time for some bottle-feeding~!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, as they are the charming gardeners who make our soul blossoms.-Marcel Proust.