Sunday, September 19, 2010

Every little thing that makes you happy..

Haha, seriously can't help myself from laughing because today was indeed it was a really great day!
One of the reason is because I didn't get scolded by my facilitator for the TL tasks today, and got to work with a bunch o Diploma boys and girls! They've been really cooperative which makes it damn fun!:)
Another reason is because I got a special delivery from a friend, Sim Lee. Hee, although she is not here right now, far away from Kelantan, it was surprising that she bother to deliver me a CD, and it's not a normal CD, it's from W-inds! 2009 Sweet Fantasy Concert Live at Hong Kong!
Haha, apparently she won it from a competition! Congratulations lo!
Hahaha, can't help myself from stop laughing coz in a really high mood right now! Below I'll show you the items, she sent to me. Thanks my dear friend for remembering my presence, it really made my day, thanks for your support, I'll try my best! Let's strive harder for our study and life, and hopefully we'll make it to W-inds 10th anniversary concert!!:p

The W-inds DVD, Live Tour, 2009 Sweet Fantasy In Hong Kong~!

The letter with very unique piece of paper..:D Thanks for the encouragement, I'm more motivated now!

SHINee's poster! Choi Min-Ho, Onew, Jong-Hyun, Key and Tae-Min!!WUHOOO!!

Tada, my latest possessions! Can't let them go of my hands...Muahaha..:D Thank you once again Sim Lee~!

"The world would be so lonely, in sunny hours or gray. Without the gift of friendship, to help us everyday.." - Hilda Brett Farr

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hanisah said...

my sisters are obsessed with shinee, especially minho and key.. =.='