Friday, October 8, 2010

Random report for this week.

It's been quite some time since the last time I've updated this blog. Too lazy to move I guess. Haha. Anyways just a short note regarding this week, boring posting, massive outing, Rachel's birthday celebration and also alot of cam-whoring! Seriously got mixed feelings about it! And next week is my proposal presentation, which I haven't prepared at all.Getting so nervous right now I can't even think properly! But I don't feel like doing anything either..T_T Taking photo while going to Mydin, believe me it was sakai enuf that ppl are all looking at us!:D
Next headed to Leng's room to prepare for Rachel's birthday!!:)
LOL, none stop cam-whoring..Seriously crazy.
Potential legs with varicose vain due to prolonged standing.SAD!T_T

The special pizza we ate that day, it was nice! Well don't ask me bout the fish, I have no idea where on earth does it came from.


phanta-see said...

shiyawase ne~~~~~~

lunar wolf said...

..ohohoiiii..update r..nk dgr kisah coretan u plak~..ahahahah