Friday, August 6, 2010


Man, this is my first time writting a blog 12.31am in the morning..Having deep thoughts of what to do tomorrow, yes. Research. Research. Life do sucks at times. Especially when you need to finish your proposal with 3 chapter within 2 weeks. (Despite the fact that my proposal presentation will only be on mid of October) It gives you the feeling of nausea and giddiness.

Now listening to Big Bang's song "Tell Me Goodbye". Sounds great, it has been filling my ears for like few hours already. Speaking about this week, a lot of drastic things happened that seriously makes me feel slightly unhappy. But whatever it is, life goes on. And only you yourself can change it, whether you want it to be good or bad in the end.

In conclusion, I'm just plain bored. Start bla bla-ing and I think now it's time for me to sleep. Oyasuminasi neh.:D

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